I don’t know how you do it 
but you make me forget about the pain .

maybe that’s why lately you’ve been all on my brain .

I love the way you say my name .
when I’m overwhelmed with life, you keep me sane .
you are my escape from the rain and the chaotic hurricanes .
and I hope that things will never change .
I have to refrain myself from doing certain things … when I’m with you .
I’m addicted to you like cocaine .

why don’t you come to my place
and I’ll listen to all that you say about the women you want .

I’ll just stare at your face .
I feel like I’m in a race for you
and I need to get first place .

but the season is changing, love .
so I thank The Lord above
for all of my blessings
big and little .
and you’re one of them although you make me want to sin .
you’re a great listener, an amazing friend .

i Ask god, to one day help me find the words to tell you how I feel about you .
I don’t want to,
but I love you .

and I hate this ..

I’m listening to Jhene while writing this … it’s crazy
oh my this weekend was perfect .
you make me happy but I’ll never tell you that . when it’s just me and you I have the best time . when I’m having a bad day, I can just talk to you and I forget about it all .

I hate you though you piss me off but I love you though . does that make sense ? but that’s how our relationship is .

but you’re an amazing friend .

I’m here for you when you need me . especially during your loss . I want to be there for you . I want you .. I really do . ugh .
this is crazy . I’m crazy .
but you’re so beautiful and smart and talented . I’m glad you’re in my life now but you’re what I want . the hoes you want don’t meet up to what you are capable Of. I know what you need ..

honestly I feel like you’re my only friend sometimes . I can’t talk to “my friends” like I can with you . I’m really myself 100% and I’m happy
and that’s what I need . a good person to talk to and be myself around . you make my day .

I want you yes but I know you don’t even … yeah . I just want it to be mutual but it’s cool though . I’m good just being your friend .


it’s like no matter what I do someone is always mad at me .
honestly I just don’t care anymore . I’m not doing anything wrong to anyone . honestly . I just want to be happy and I think that staying to myself trying to find myself can help . it’s a self thing nothing personal .
I’m to myself more and I’m going to keep it that way .
ilove who I am and I come first . ME . YO. Moi .

i’ve been to myself lately. I don’t really have anyone . not that I’m complaining about it.. I like it.
I’m getting right with god and my grades are on point .
people make me lose sight of those things so I think it’s best that I keep to myself .
and if I decide to get to know somebody better or anything of that sort .. Its just me n him .
not “telling my friends my problems” like I used to .
friends turn to foes .
a “friend” can secretly want to fuck ur man ..
so I’d rather just fix my own problems or take it to God . or leave .
Ashley comes first . no matter what .

sad face :(

Mr. V

the first time I saw you I was happy because I knew that I wanted you .
you probably don’t remember the encounter .. it was maybe a little before 7pm and it was January I believe . Then after that day we had our first conversation . I was struck by cupid . I followed you on twitter I followed you on Instagram . no I’m not stalking you . lol I just like you . and now I see you a lot around campus . you always say hello to me bc you now know who i am and you’re always smiling . I love your smile so much . I think we should chill one evening . don’t you ? but then again I do feel
as if you’re out of my league . but I’m interested . in you . deep down I think you know I like you and you’re making me suffer a little by saying clever things to me that makes me melt when you see me. i just want you and i to … I sound crazy but I don’t even care . lets make memories . you’re nice, I’m nice.. lets do this . lol hopefully we get a chance to hang out and get to know each other better . I wanna know you . the real you . but I will never approach you . nope .